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Berkey Shower Filter Review

Family-owned and operated in Pueblo, Colorado, since the late 1990s, Berkey has become a household name when it comes to water filtration. While they are most known for their large-scale filtration systems that can purify tap water for an entire household, they also offer a unique shower filter that can remove harmful contaminants from your shower water.

When reviewing the Berkey Shower Filter, we found that while the design isn’t the most pleasing to the eye, the long-lasting filter (rated for 30,000 gallons) and easy-to-replace housing make it a great value for those looking to improve the quality of their shower water.

In this review, we’re going to take a close look at the features of the Berkey Shower Filter, how it works, and what others are saying about it. We’ll also provide our thoughts on whether or not we think it’s worth the investment.

Let’s begin:


how the berkey shower filter looks when installed

Shaped similar to an oil filter, the Berkey Shower Filter is a teardrop in-line shower filter that can be easily installed. While not the most pleasing to the eye, the shower filter is well-designed, nevertheless.  

With offset line attachments, the Berkey gains an advantage over many other shower filters, including the AquaBliss SF100 or Sonaki 300VPX, as it won’t add a significant amount of length between the shower arm and shower head. 

Why would this be a problem, you might wonder?

Well, when you add an in-line shower filter, it will lower the shower head several inches, which may be problematic if you don’t have much clearance, to begin with. Additionally, if you have taller family members who will be using the shower, they may need to duck their heads down when showering to avoid hitting the shower head.

Despite the unusual design of the Berkey Shower Filter, this won’t be a problem as the shower filter only adds about 1.5″ to the length of your shower head.

Additionally, when it comes time to replace the cartridge, the separate canister is easy to access and remove. This is a significant advantage over shower filters.

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Filtration Media

One of the most important things to consider when looking at a shower filter is the type of filtration media used. Unfortunately, we could not find any information on the Berkey website about what type of filtration media is used in their shower. However, given that it removes 98% chlorine and reduces bacterial growth, heavy metals, scale, and sediment, it is likely some redox filtration media such as KDF.

By effectively removing so much chlorine, you can expect your skin and hair health to be noticeably improved after a few weeks of use.

Also worth noting is that the shower filter doesn’t carry an NSF/ANSI certification.

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With standard 1/2″ NPT threads, the Berkey Shower Filter will connect easily to most showerheads and shower arms.  


Installing the Berkey Shower Filter is a breeze. You need a wrench and some Teflon (plumbers tape), and you’ll have it installed in minutes. Simply follow these steps:

  1. Begin by shutting off the water to your shower.
  2. Remove your shower head by unscrewing it from the shower arm.
  3. Wrap some Teflon tape around the shower arm threads.
  4. Screw on the Berkey Shower Filter to the shower arm.
  5. Wrap some Teflon tape around the shower head threads.
  6. Screw on the shower head to the Berkey Shower Filter.
  7. Tighten both connection points a 1/4 to 1/2 turn with a wrench.
  8. Turn on the water to your shower and check for leaks.

Here’s a video from Berkey outlining the installation process:

Initial Costs

Starting at $44.99, the Berkey Shower Filter isn’t the most expensive shower filter on the market, but it’s also not the cheapest. The Aquabliss SF100 starts at $35.86, and the Berkey is $9.13 more. Not a stretch for most.  

Maintenance Costs

Aside from the out-of-the-box costs, when buying any shower filter, it’s essential to look at the long-term costs of ownership. This is where the Berkey truly shines. Their shower filter is rated to last for 30,000 gallons of water, significantly longer than most other shower filters on the market.  

Unlike most shower filters that require you to change the filter cartridge anywhere from 3 to 6 months on average, the Berkey only needs to be replaced once per year.  

Costs for the replacement cartridge are only $40 (available here).

In total, this equates to roughly $0.11 per shower.


When buying any bathroom fixture, it’s always a good idea to see if the company backs its product with a warranty. Based on their warranty page, we believe this shower filter falls under their ‘General Warranty Information’ and is backed by a 6-month limited warranty. While not the best in the industry, it’s still a good sign that the company is confident in its product. 

Flow Rate

This shower filter has a flow rate of 2.5 gallons per minute. This adheres to the EPA standard and shouldn’t impact your existing shower head’s performance once installed.

Alternative Models

Unfortunately, Berkey doesn’t offer any alternative models of their shower filter.  

Other Options

Here are a few other in-line shower filters that may be worth considering if you are on the fence about the Berkey:

  • AquaBliss SF100: It provides multi-stage filtration and is among the most popular shower filters on the market. 
  • Sonaki 300VPX: This is a vitamin c shower filter that claims to remove over 99% of chlorine. It also delivers some good skin and hair care benefits.
  • Aquasana AQ-4100: Passing the water through a large reservoir that includes KDF-55 and coconut shell carbon media, the Aquasana AQ-4100 is one of the more unique shower filters on the market. It also carries an NSF/ANSI 177 certification.


The Berkey Shower Filter is good but does have some notable drawbacks. Here’s a summary of our review:

DesignWhile not the most attractive shower filter, it is designed well. With offset line attachments, it won’t add a significant amount of length between the shower arm and shower head.80
Filtration MediaWhile the type of filtration media remains a mystery, it is effective at removing 98% of chlorine and reducing bacterial growth, heavy metals, scale, and sediment.80
CompatibilityWith standard 1/2″ NPT threads, the Berkey Shower Filter will connect easily to most showerheads and shower arms.100
InstallationThis shower filter can be easily installed in any home, apartment, or RV within minutes.100
Initial CostsThe $44.99 price tag is fairly priced.95
Maintenance CostsGiven that the filter can last an impressive 30,000 gallons of water, the $40 replacement cartridge cost equates to roughly $0.11 per shower.100
WarrantyThe 6-month limited warranty is a good sign that the company is confident in its product.90
Flow RateThis shower filter has a flow rate of 2.5 gallons per minute, which adheres to the EPA standard.92.1


If you’re looking for an in-line shower filter that is easy to install and doesn’t add a lot of length to your shower head, the Berkey Shower Filter is a good option. Additionally, with a long-lasting filter and easy-to-replace housing, it’s a great value for those looking to improve the quality of their shower water.

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