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What is the Best Placement for a Rain Shower Head?

When installing a rain shower head in a bathroom, placement is important. Here’s what you need to know, along with some special considerations for different types of shower stalls.

Proper placement of a rain shower head

When installing a rain shower head, it should be approximately 80 to 84″ above the floor within the shower stall and extend 15 to 24″ from the wall.

What about location?

For walk-in or tub and shower combos, the shower head should be placed as close to the center as possible. This allows you to enjoy the full rainfall experience without bumping into any walls or shower curtains. To help achieve this, you have two options:

  • Ceiling mount: This requires hiring a plumber to run a line behind the wall from the water supply. It is costly, but if not done properly, it could lead to leaks. Consider this if you are remodeling your bathroom or building a new home.
  • Extended shower arm: J-shape shower arms are typically 12 to 24″ in length and are installed within the same connection as the existing shower arm. This is the most common and affordable option and can be done by anyone with basic plumbing skills.

But shouldn’t the drain be in the center?

The drain location will depend on the design of the shower stall. Ideally, it should be directly over the drain as it reduces the pooling of water, which could lead to slips or mildew growth. However, if not centered, the shower pan will direct the water to the drain.

How to account for taller folks

As a rough guide, a six-foot-tall person will have 12″ of clearance if the shower head is 84″ from the floor. If a member of your house is taller than six feet, then add an additional 12″ to their height to determine the adequate height of the shower head.

What about the shower head diameter?

Rain shower heads often range from 8″ to over 16″ in diameter. Larger models may be obstructed by shower doors and walls or extend past the shower stall leading to water damage if the shower water hits the floor every time it is used. Before purchasing, take measurements of your shower stall to ensure the shower head will fit.

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