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Moen Attract 26000 Shower Head Review

Few things are more refreshing than starting your day with a hot shower. But if you’re like most people, your shower head is probably one of the least thought-about elements in your bathroom.

With so many choices on the market, it can be hard to know which one is right for you. If you’re looking for a stylish and functional showerhead, we think the Moen 26000 is a great choice.

This review will look at the Moen 26000 showerhead and see how it stacks up against the competition. We’ll also examine some of the pros and cons of this showerhead and see if it’s the right choice for you.

Moen 26000

Our Expert Rating

95 / 100

Moen 26000 Attract Six-Function 3.5-Inch Handheld Showerhead with Magnetic Docking System, Chrome

The Moen 2600 is a good option if you want a showerhead with six different spray settings. However, the biggest downside to this product is that it leaks quite easily.


  • Magnetic feature is easy to use and holds the shower head in place well
  • Many people like the pressure and spray of the showerhead
  • Compliant with EPA WaterSense standards and California’s Title 20 legislation


  • The shower head leaks, often quite badly
  • cheap plastic fittings are a common complaint
  • Many people have had issues with the shower head falling off

Spray Patterns


The 26000 by Moen offers six different spray patterns to choose from, so you can customize your showering experience.

Which include the following:

  • Full Spray Pattern: Provides a spa-like relaxing shower experience.
  • Massage Setting: Helps to work out knots and tension, particularly on your back.
  • Soft Setting: Ideal for those with sensitive skin.
  • Vigorous setting: Provides a refreshing shower that can awaken the senses.
  • Wide Setting: Good for rinsing off.

With the versatility of settings, paired with the long hose, the handheld shower head works exceptionally well when washing pets and children or cleaning the shower itself.

Magnetic Docking

moen chrome 26000 off the mount

The signature feature of the 26000 is the magnetic docking system. Simply placing the shower head on the strong magnet will automatically lock into place. You don’t have to worry about sliding it onto a bar or trying to line up the holes.

The result is an effortless, easy-to-use shower head that is a pleasure to use.


Moen currently makes the 26000 in four different finishes: Chrome, Brushed Nickel, Oil Rubbed Bronze, and Matte Black. The chrome finish is the most popular, but the brushed nickel is also a great choice as it doesn’t leave any water spots or fingerprints.

Flow Rate


The Moen 2600SRN has a flow rate of 1.75 gallons per minute, which is compliant with EPA WaterSense standards. This means that it will save you water and lower your water bills. Additionally, this shower head complies with California’s Title 20 legislation, which requires shower heads to have a flow rate of no more than 1.8 gallons per minute.

Despite the reduced flow rate, the 26000 still has adequate pressure to ensure that any dirt or soap residue is completely rinsed away.


Like all Moen products, the 2600 comes with a lifetime limited warranty. This warranty covers the replacement of parts and labor for manufacturer defects.



Like any showerhead, installing the Moen 2600 is easy. No special tools or skills are required, and you should expect the installation process to be completed in a few minutes.

Required Tools:

  • Adjustable wrench
  • Plumber’s tape
  • Cloth (optional but recommended)

Follow these steps when installing:

  1. Remove the old shower head: With your adjustable wrench, unscrew the old shower head from the shower arm. If you have a cloth, you can use it to protect the shower arm from scratches.
  2. Apply plumber’s tape: Wrap the plumber’s tape around the threads of the shower arm in a clockwise direction two or three times. This will help to prevent leaks.
  3. Install the new shower head: Screw the new shower head onto the shower arm. Make sure that it is tight, but not too tight. You don’t want to strip the threads.
  4. Tighten the shower head: With your adjustable wrench, tighten the shower head a good 1/2 to 3/4 of a turn until it is properly aligned. Be sure to wrap the cloth around the neck of the shower head to protect it from scratches.
  5. Test for leaks: Turn on the water and test for leaks. If you see any leaks, you need to tighten the shower head or reapply the plumber’s tape.

Alternate Models

Moen makes more than just the 26000. If you’re looking for a different model, you can check out the following:

Model NumberBrandPriceSpray PatternsFlow RateDiameterHose LengthWarranty
26000MOEN$54.9861.753.7559 inLimited Lifetime Warranty
26008SRNMOEN$109.0061.756.7560 inLimited Lifetime Warranty
200H0MOEN$49.9881.754.7560 inLimited Lifetime Warranty
26603SRNMOEN$72.3461.755.560 inLimited Lifetime Warranty
  • 26008SRN: Rather than one shower head like the 26000, the 26008SRN comes with two shower heads, a handheld, and a rainfall shower head. This is a great option if you want the best of both worlds.
  • 200H0: Similarly priced to the 26000, the 200H0 is a traditional handheld shower head. It has a slightly larger diameter, a couple more spray patterns, and a 1″ long hose. However, it lacks a magnetic docking system and has a more traditional docking bar.
  • 26603SRN: The 26603SRN is a rainfall shower head. It has a much larger diameter than the shower head. Like the 26000, it has a magnetic docking system. Good if you want a larger showerhead.

Other Products to Consider

Model NumberBrandPriceSpray PatternsFlow RateDiameterHose LengthWarranty
75583CSNDelta$101.4051.756.8172 inLimited Lifetime Warranty
YBW-933E/SBW-383MEWaterpik$79.98121.8596 inLimited Lifetime Warranty
8469100HCGlacier Bay$54.9861.8560 inLimited Lifetime Warranty

Thinking about another brand besides Moen? We think some of the models from Delta and Waterpik are worth considering. While they don’t feature the magnetic docking system, they have a variety of spray patterns (and, in some cases, more than the 26000) and a longer hose.

Peer Reviews

Aside from our analysis and review, we also looked at what other people were saying about the Moen 26000.

What people liked:

The biggest pro of this shower head seems to be the magnetic feature, which is easy to use and holds the shower head in place well. Additionally, many people like the pressure and spray of the shower head.

What people didn’t like:

However, the biggest downside of 2600 was that it leaks, often quite badly. Many people have tried to fix the issue with sealant tape and other methods but to no avail. Additionally, cheap plastic fittings are a common complaint.

The Takeaway: With an average rating of 4.25 out of 5, the Moen 26000 is a solid showerhead with which most people are happy.


In a nutshell, the Moen 26000 is a fine showerhead that does what it’s supposed to do. In a product category that doesn’t see a whole lot of innovation, the 26000 is a great evolution of the handheld shower head.

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