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Do Rain Shower Heads Use More Water?

Designed to provide a natural bathing experience, rain shower heads feature an oversized design to mimic natural rainfall. Given the large surface area, prospective buyers wonder how this design may impact their water bill.

Despite being larger, rain shower heads do not use more water when compared to standard shower heads. The flow rate, also known as the GPM (gallons per minute), is regulated to conserve the use of water. All shower heads will have a maximum flow rate of 2.5 GPM, regardless of the design.

Has this always been the case?

Not until 1994 were companies required to limit the flow of water. The Energy Policy Act was signed in 1992, where federal law set the maximum allowable flow rate at 2.5 GPM. Additional measures, including the EPA WaterSense program, have since been introduced to conserve water further. Lastly, state and local governments may limit the flow rate even further.

What about hot water?

Depending on how high the shower head is mounted, there may be a slight increase in the amount of hot water used. The reason why is that the water has to travel a greater distance before it hits your body. If the surrounding air temperature is colder, such as in the winter, then the water will quickly cool down.

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