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Are Expensive Shower Heads Worth the Cost?

From under $20 to over $500, shower heads vary greatly in price. But are they ever worth the investment?

It truly depends on what you want from your showering experience, along with the craftsmanship, finish, brand, versatility, and of course, your budget.

Types of Shower Heads

As we have covered previously, there are many different types of shower heads, each with a host of features and benefits. Broadly speaking, a shower head with greater versatility, overall size, and spray patterns will carry a higher price point. Therefore, don’t be surprised that the cost of a dual or rainfall shower head from a reputable brand to cost greater than $100.

Cost of shower heads

To get a better understanding of the price range of shower heads, we took a look at the many offerings available at several online marketplaces. On average, a shower head will cost $131.

However, you can see that some brands, including UKISHIRO, GROHE, and GIVING TREE, are substantially more expensive, with an average price greater than $250. Whereas Waterpik, Glacier Bay, and HydroLuxe, to name a few, are less than $50 on average.

Here’s a summary of the average price of shower heads by brand:

Shower BrandAverage Price
Boyel Living$254
Dream Spa$40
Evolve Technologies$60
Glacier Bay$47
High Sierra Showerheads$49
Hotel Spa$55
Niagara Conservation$30
PULSE Showerspas$134
Cumulative Average$131

Advantages and Disadvantages

Curious about the advantages and disadvantages of high-end shower heads? Here’s what we found:


  • More spray patterns to get the right feel while bathing
  • Bluetooth temperature settings to set the temperature before you get in the shower
  • Aromatherapy diffusers that can provide a spa-like experience
  • Often better build quality and craftsmanship
  • Longer lifespan reduces the need for replacement
  • Better customer service and warranties


  • If you don’t use the features, then a waste of money
  • Full functionality may be limited by your existing plumbing
  • Additional costs may be incurred to match the shower head with existing bathroom fixtures
  • Depending on the functionality, it may require additional plumbing work

Other Considerations

No matter how much you pay for a new shower head, know that these details will make or break the experience:

  • Flow rate: Federal and state regulations limit the flow of shower heads to no greater than 2.5 GPM (gallons per minute). No matter how much you pay, the shower head must comply with these regulations.
  • Water pressure: The diameter of the shower head, along with the number of nozzles, are more indicative of pressure than just the flow rate. Oversized rainfall shower heads may have a luxurious trim, but the large diameter often results in lower pressure, making it difficult to rinse off.
  • Maintenance: To keep your shower head looking good, it still needs to be cleaned frequently. Not cleaning it may lead to a buildup of minerals and other debris, which can clog the nozzles and reduce the flow rate.
  • Installation: While most shower heads are easy to install, sometimes special features, sprays, etc., require running new plumbing lines or drilling and mounting certain pieces; this can further raise the cost of installation.
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