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How to Straighten a Crooked Shower Arm

Have you ever taken a shower and noticed that the water wasn’t falling in the middle of the shower stall? This is usually due to a crooked shower arm.

This guide will share a quick and easy way to straighten out any shower arm in just 2 minutes!

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Try Applying Force With Your Hands

Before using a wrench or any other tool, try to see if you can apply enough force with your hands to straighten out the shower arm. This can usually work well for newer shower arms where no mineral buildup or rust has occurred and were installed crooked.

Use an Adjustable Straight Pipe Wrench

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If the shower arm is older or you can’t seem to budge it with your hands, you’ll likely need a tool. An adjustable straight pipe wrench is the best tool for the job as it can grip onto the shower arm tightly without damaging it.

Loosen the jaws of the wrench and fit it around the shower arm. Place a cloth over the shower arm, so you don’t scratch the finish. Then, tighten the wrench until you have a good grip on the pipe. Finally, begin turning the wrench in the direction you want the shower arm to go until it’s straightened out.

Careful! Don’t Overtighten or Over Loosen

If you loosen and tighten the shower arm too much, you may want to take the shower arm entirely off and recoat the thread with Teflon tape. This will help create a water-tight seal again so that you don’t have any leaks behind the wall.

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Use a Level to Ensure That It’s Straight

Once you think that the shower arm is straight, use a level to check. Place the level on top and the side of the shower arm and make sure that the bubble is in the center. If it’s not, continue adjusting the shower arm until it is.

Pro Tip: Many phones now contain a level app. For iOS, check out the Measure app. For Android, check out Bubble level.

There you have it! A couple of tips on how to quickly and easily straighten out any crooked shower arm.

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